18 Shake Vanilla – 5pck – Top Rated Protein Formula – Gluten Free – No Hormones – No Artificial Sweeteners – 100% Healthy Weight Loss

18SHAKE provides a wholesome all natural approach to not just sustained weight loss, but also an overall healthier body in the long term. The best part is not only does it replace meals, but it's simple to use and lacks restrictions. You're longer forced to find weight loss thru complicated calorie counting, time consuming meal planning and nagging consideration of every bit of food you choose. Meal replacement diets are considered a wonderful weight loss solution. Results are as easy as replacing just 1 or 2 meals a day with 18SHAKE. Let the nutrients do their work as you reap all the benefits. Now the way it works is simple, it keeps you full and provides only 90 calories with added vitamins to keep you feeling and looking good. Just a few calories are needed due to the natural ingredients and protein inside that keep you satisfied.

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