14-Day Ketogenic Diet Plan 101: a Detailed Beginners Step By Step Guide For Quick and Easy Weight Loss With Meal Plans and Time Saving Recipes To Get MAX Benefits Of a Low-Carb, High Fat Diet

Most of us want to lose weight and get in shape. We all must have used a lot of dietary plans but not all of them go as smooth as you think. Diet is just too scary at the first place and it’s hard to follow it. People can’t take all the perks dieting bring with it. But we all know how important it is to have a normal weight according to our own body. With the increasing need or want to look good, everybody wants to get in shape and look better. We all agree that getting is shape does make us look good. No? So now that you are sick of trying all those dietary plan we have brought you a new diet plan which will not disappoint you. Basically in ketogenic diet plan, all you do is have low crab meals. It’s not very much difficult to do. All it needs is motivation. In this book all of your questions regarding ketogenic diet plan will be answered. Just like all the dietary plan, this one also has some draw back but has more of the benefits. This not only helps us achieve an aimed weight but is also helpful in a lot other ways. It helps us get through a lot of diseases and prevents us from getting them. This book consists of following chapters: • Chapter 1: Basics of the Ketogenic Diet • Chapter 2: Why should I go for it? • Chapter 3: Tips and tricks • Chapter 4: 14-day ketogenic diet plan • Chapter 5: Low Carb High Fat Recipes

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